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Dr Wen-Wen Huang, DVM, CVA
Dr. Wen-Wen Huang, DVM, CVA

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La Verne Animal hospital is a full-service animal hospital that has been helping the local community take care of their family pets for over 25 years.

Our mission statement at La Verne Animal Hospital is to provide the best health care for our patients through the dedication of our doctors and staff. Also when and if necessary to refer our patients and their families to highly trained and qualified specialists in southern California to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

We are excited to announce that in addition to traditional western medicine, we now incorporate acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine into our treatment options. Some patients respond better to holistic therapies, while others benefit more from traditional western medicine. Having the ability to provide veterinary holistic alternative therapies greatly empower us to offer your pets the treatment they need.

We thank our long-term loyal clients for entrusting us with the care of their family pets and we welcome new clients to join our extended-family.

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